Fancy, yet Frugal: 10 Victorian Homes Under $300K You Can Buy Right Now


Victorian architecture is an expression of the “More is more” philosophy of design, producing ornate, intricate homes that resemble giant dollhouses. The style is perennially popular and when preserved properly, results in feature-worthy dwellings.

Victorians were supercharged in the late 1800s by the development of steam-powered sawmills, which could mass-produce wood trim with ornate patterns quickly and cheaply, making complicated designs in bright colors available to everyday Americans.

Many classic Victorians are still standing, in almost every corner of the country. And many of these large vintage homes are deceptively affordable.

We turned up 10 Victorians on the market for less than $300,000—and they aren’t fixer-uppers, either. Many of the homes we’ve highlighted below have been lovingly updated, restored, and preserved, ensuring that these grand dames will have a bright future.

Get ready to dream about stained glass, fancy parlors, and idly sitting on the front porch, watching the carriages roll by.

See the homes HERE!