9 Homes on the National Register of Historic Places for Sale Right Now

Quite a few homes have landed on the National Register of Historic Places thanks to notable past residents. Others make the list because of a legendary builder. Whatever the reason, each home on the register has been deemed worthy of preservation and protection—in the national interest.

Created in 1966, the National Register now includes more than 92,000 properties that are part of the fabric of the country’s shared heritage. Owners of such a special property must agree to certain limitations on how much of the structure can be changed, in order to preserve its historic value. Purchasing one means owning a piece of, and place in, American history.

If you’d like to be a steward of one of these historic residences, several are available as we speak. To aid your hunt, we’ve pinpointed nine homes on the National Register you can buy right now. Take a look, and step back in time—and into one of these lovely abodes.

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